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The following files support and provide background information for a Vetiver System initiative to develope resilience to climate change for tropical islands and their often disadvantaged populations.


The Vetiver Newtork International:
Video: Vetiver - A Farmer's Friend
The Vetiver Network International: Website Blog Facebook
International Vetiver Grass Tracking

Nearby Country Networks
Vietnam Vetiver Network
Papua New Guinea Vetiver Network
Myanmar Vetiver Network
China Vetiver Network

South Pacific:
Keeping sediment off reefs - A project using vetiver grass to trap sediment and re-establish indigenous forest - Aneityum Island, Vanuatu

Warming oceans and human waste hit Tuvalu's sustainable way of life - newspaper article

Ridge to Reef - Tuvalu - Analysis of Pollution problems and a Vetiver Solution (page 33-38). The pollution problems effecting Tuvalu is at one level/form or other effecting many low lying tropical islands.

Fiji introduces Vetiver System to deal with Soil Erosion (direct result of TVNI South Pacific Initiative) and River Banks

Time Line:

1. Promoting the Application and Acceptability of
Vetiver System Technology and its applications
in the Solomon Islands; and identifying
potential projects to help build community
resilience to climate change using the Vetiver
System ...... Field trip #1 Report - March 2017

2. Soil Erosion and Water Quality Mitigation in Solomon Islands -
A Pilot Project in Honiara and Gizo addressing the problem by
building community resilience - Project proposal -September 2017

3. Field trip #2 report to Fiji and the Solomon Islands - November 2017

4. Field trip #3 report to Fiji and the Solomon Islands - November 2018

5. Pacific Engage Profile

6. Vetiver Propagation and Management Guide (for Pacific Islands)

Trinidad and Tobago - Ridge to Reef Rehabilitation proposal
The Vetiver System for Soil and Water Conservation in Trinidad and Tobago

VETIVER TT - Facebook

Vetiver treatment of runoff - Trinidad
Roots of Sustainability in a tropical climate
Vetiver to the rescue
Making a difference with Vetiver