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The Vetiver System is a very good application for landscaping in many different areas, including: infrastructure, building sites, and gardens. In addition it is an attractive ornamental plant that can be grown in the ground or in pots. It makes an efficient "Rain Garden". The grass can be used to delineate borders of paths and roads, beautify the edges of water bodies such as lakes and streams, as traffic dividers (reduction of head light glare), as a warning barrier on the edge of daangerous loactions (cliffs) and many other applications. As a landscaping plant it also provides the may other benefits including slope stabilization, erosion control, decontaminate of toxic materials and water, improved habitat, pest control , and other associated benefits. When trimmed the leaves can be used for forage, mulch, thatch, compost, fuel and handicrafts. More information on Vetiver System and Landscaping can be found at this link.

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The images below from Ecuador, (Vigilant del Mar, Punta Centinella near Salinas on the Santa Elena peninsula), shows how the Vetiver System can be used for landscaping and at the same time control the seeping sewage (to the beach)from this condo building and stabilize the slope and reduce sediment flows to the beach on the bluff that the building was constructed on. They now have a clean and stable site and beach, and HAPPY tourists!


Doug Richardson - California's Vetiver Landscaper for 25 years. Doug has been quietly introducing the Vetiver System for slope stabilization and erosion control in southern California in the Santa Barbara area. He has over 60 projects now and they show just how effective vetiver can be. In 11 years Doug has seen no evidence of invasive behavior of this Sunshine cultivars of vetiver grass. This confirms evidence from PIER (Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk) assessment that vetiver grass has a very low risk factor of minus 8. Even the most stringent countries will allow imports of plants with a plus 1 risk assessment or less. As shown in the images that Doug has provided vetiver will stabilize steep slopes, stop slides, protect roads from sediment flows (thus reduce maintenance costs) and at the same time look beautiful and green when most other plants are dried up. These are only just a few of the applications of this unique plant. It can also be used for levee stabilization, mine tailing reclamation, and the treatment of contaminated water and land. Californians, this System is just made for you at this uncertain time of climate change.

Vetiver System Flyer for California

This flyer should be useful for potential Californian Vetiver System users. Higher resolution pdf files are available from TVNI (at no cost). This flyer makes a good template for other states or counties. The original template is available from TVNI and may be modified.

Vetiver Grass – For Landscaping, Gardens,
and Green Spaces

Vetiver Sénégal - Pépinière Naac Baal
Vetiver Grass – For Landscaping, Gardens,
and Green Spaces. A revised version oif an earlier contribution by Tony Cisse. English and French versions

Beautiful vetiver potted for landscaping.

Le ‘Vetiver’ – un herbe pour les jardins, décoration, et les espaces vert. A picture abundant french translation on both the creative AND practical uses of vetiver. x Read More