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In memory of Mark Dafforn who created this early bibliography and who was Secretary to the Board of TVNI and its Scientific Director.

Full Bibliography: refs.htm

Generic Description of Vetiveria: taxdesge.htm

Glossary (17kb 7/24/2000)

Literature Excerpts: refsextr.htm

Primary Vetiver Reference Texts (4k) --- Brief descriptions of three primary reference texts on the vetiver system, with links to on-line resources

Short excerpts from the scientific literature (48k) --- A miscellany of extracts on vetiver distribution, botany, and biology.

Species Description of Vetiveria Zizanioides: taxdeszi.htm

Taxonomic Information and Descriptions (2k) --- Generic and specific descriptions, along with affiliations, synonymy, and valid species list.

Taxonomic Information Descriptions of Vetervaria: taxmain.htm

Vetiver Bibliographical Information (23k) --- Citations from the scientific, development, and popular literature on the vetiver system and vetiver.