In memory of Mark Dafforn who created this early bibliography and who was Secretary
to the Board of TVNI and its Scientific Director.

Full Bibliography: refs.htm
Generic Description of Vetiveria: taxdesge.htm
Glossary (17kb 7/24/2000)
Literature Excerpts: refsextr.htm
Primary Vetiver Reference Texts (4k) --- Brief descriptions of three primary reference texts on the vetiver system, with links to on-line resources
Short excerpts from the scientific literature (48k) --- A miscellany of extracts on vetiver distribution, botany, and biology.
Species Description of Vetiveria Zizanioides: taxdeszi.htm
Taxonomic Information and Descriptions (2k) --- Generic and specific descriptions, along with affiliations, synonymy, and valid species list.
Taxonomic Information Descriptions of Vetervaria: taxmain.htm
Vetiver Bibliographical Information (23k) --- Citations from the scientific, development, and popular literature on the vetiver system and vetiver.



TVNI Mission
The Vetiver Network International (TVNI) promotes the worldwide use of the Vetiver System (VS) for a sustainable environment particularly in relation to land and water.

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For Vetiver users in Kenya: join the Platform for Land Use Sustainability (PLUS-Kenya). See details on VS applications,
and other innovations for sustainable Land and Water Resource Management.

For Californians who need to stabilize slopes, Go to this picture gallery link and a special California related flyer.

USA users - go to this Plant Guide about Vetiver (Sunshine cultivar), published by USDA/NRCS - and be assured of its approval.

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Compare Vetiver System for on farm soil and water conservation with engineered structures.

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