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Salman Shooshtarian of Iran has informed TVNI

about ongoing work with VS in his country. He and Ali Tehranifar have translated the Vetiver Grass Manual by Truong et al into Persian (see a few pages from the publication) and there work has now been published in by Iranian Agricultural Science Publications:

He reports that VS technology is very new in Iran and unknown to many researchers and experts, though they are interested to know about Vetiver. Some limited projects have been developed for phytoremediation in waste management sites, for stabilizing river banks and for ornamental purposes. He tells us: "We have an Iranian vetiver NGO which serves to inform other people about this plant and holds some workshops".


Below are photographs from that he has sent of some of the ongoing work. The first three pictures are from a project in Khouzestan Province to stabilize three river banks. The projects have been done by Khouzestan Organization of Water and Power. The last picture is from a waste disposal site in Shiraz municipality; They had been looking for a plant, like vetiver, that was adapted to the climate there and that could be used as a phytoremediation agent to absorb the leachate from urban waste. Additional information can be found on these two projects at: (i) Vetiver stabilizing of river banks in Khouzestan province:,yww.gip.html and (ii) Vetiver in an urban landfill for leachate clean up: These websites are in Persian, but may also be read using Google Translate.

Person interested in obtaining a copy of the book can contact the publisher directly or can purchase online for 60,000 Rils/ (US$ 3.75). The online websites are: and . The latter website can send the book abroad.



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