THE VETIVER PLANT: Chrysopogon zizanioides, agronomy, research


Vetiver system: the green tool against erosion a mainstreaming effort India
Vetiver system – the green tool against erosion India
Internal leaf structure of vetiver grass supporting the potentially c sequestion Thailand
Leaf anatomy of vetiver grass supporting the potentially c sequestration Thailand
Growth and iron content in salt tolerant and normal lines of vetiveria nemoralis a. camus under salt stress Thailand
Genetic diversity of vetiverv clones (chrysopogon zizanioides) and C. nigritanus) available in south africa on sequencing analysis South Africa
Poster genetic diversity of vetiver clones (chrysopogon zizanioides and chrysopogon nigritana) available in south africa based on sequencing analyses South Africa
Nuclear technology for vetiver variety improvement: gamma radiosensitivity studies Thaiand
A tribute to its founding fathers Global
Resistance Of Vetiver Grass To Infection By Root-Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne Spp) Ausatralia
Fire (Wildfire) What Bushfire. Paul Truong and Vetiver and Fire (11/13/02 - 1MB) Australia
Fire Tolerance of Vetiver Grass (02/22/06 MB2.5) Australia
Overview of Research, Development and Application of the Vetiver Grass System (VGS) Overseas and in Queensland Australia
Relative performance of aromatic grasses under saline irrigation (11/20/07 850KB) Australia
Resistance Of Vetiver Grass To Infection By Root-Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne Spp) Australia
Salt Tolerance of Monto Vetiver (12/20/05 KB590) Australia
Soil Moisture Competion between Vetiver Hedges and Sorghum Under Irrigated and Dryland Condition Australia
Vetiver and Fire. Poster from Australia (KB224 8/20/03) Australua
Affects of Plant Growth Retardants on Growth of Vetiver Grass _China China
Area/Temperature Limitation to Application of Vetiver System in China (06/30/05 152KB) China
Cold Tolerance - Interim Report on Breeding the New Vetiver Variety for Cold Tolerance by Biotechnology - Xia Hanping - China (03/17/04 KB 720) China
Cold tolerance research - China(4/30/07) China
Dynamic State of Nutrient Contents of Vetiver Grass (KB 13 7-10/26/03) China
Hong Kong -- Recent Trials with Vetiver in-- by R.D. Hill Department of Ecology & Biodiversity The University of Hong Kong China
Insects on Vetiver Hedges (China) (I) China
Insects on Vetiver Hedges in China ( II ) China
Screening excellent accessions of vetiver grass (11/14/02 - 23KB) China
Simple Treatments to Protect Vetiver Against Cold Winter in North Subtropics of China. (8/18/05. KB192) China
Study on Screening for Better Ecotypes of Vetiver Grass (KB 251-10/26/03) China
Natural Vetiver Communities Distributed In China china
Grass Barriers In Cassava Hillside Cultivation: Rooting Patterns And Root Growth Dynamics (KB 34 3/26/01) Colombia
Advance of Scientific Research on Vetiver System (KB238 -10/26/03) Global
Agronomy: Newsletter #15 Global
DNA Analysis of Genetic Diversity of vetiver and future selections for use in erosion control and PowerPoint presentation (3/26/010) Global
DNA analysis of the genetic diversity of vetiver and future selections for use in erosion control. -- Robert P. Adams (PL4) (KB64) Global
DNA fingerprints (RAPDs) of the pantropical grass vetiver, Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash (Gramineae), reveal a single clone, 'Sunshine', is widely utilized for erosion control Global
Hedge Vetiver: A Genetic and Intellectual Heritage (11/3/01 48KB) Global
Know Your Hedge Vetiver: Environmental Concerns About Vetiveria zizanioides Global
Study on the Genetic Diversity of Vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) (KB 540 -10/26/03) Global
Vetiver System - The Plant (with captions) Global
Vetiver System - The Plant - Photo essay Global
Ameliorative Potential of Vetiver for Reclamation of Sodic Soils(21 KB, 04/11/04) India
Chemicals in Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) NASH (Poaceae) -- khus-khus, Cuscus Grass, Vetiver (12KB 2/18/02) India
Ruh Khus (Wild Vetiver Oil)/Oil of Tranquility. By Christopher McMahon (11/3/01 28KB) India
Vetiver Grass - Valid Species as of July 31, 1990 India
Vetiver Root System: Search for the Ideotype (KB170 -10/26/03) India
Vetiver System – A Unique and Wide Ranging System of Environmental Improvement. (12/06/04 KB 59) India
Indonesia - Bali - Vetiver Flier (10/04/04 KB 866) Indonesia
P.K.Yoon. Looksee at Vetiver (10/04/04 MB26.6) Malaysia
Soil Temperature and Insect Damage Impacts on Vetiver Grass New Zealand New Zealand
Soil Structure -- GENERAL VARIABILITY OF SOILS UNDER VETIVER GRASS STRIPS: FOCUS ON COMBATING LAND AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION - Paul B. Okon and O. Babalola - Nigeria. (03/17/04 KB 128). Tables for this paper. (03/17/04 KB 88) Nigeria
Increased efficiency in vetiver propagation with the use of growth promoters. Howell T. Ho, Mary Noah S.J. Manarang and Ader B. Anicete (CP5-5) (KB176) Philippines
Differences between V. zizanioides and V. nigratana from Senegal (5/14/02 pdf KB 130) Senegal
Mapping the Natural Distribution of Genus Vetiveria in Senegal, Traditional Uses and the Potential for Business Opportunities (KB451 -10/26/03) Senegal
SENEGAL - VETIVERIA ZIZANIOIDES - The plant (50KB 10/7/01) Senegal
Vetiver for termite control and house construction in Senegal (448 kb 8/23/01) Senegal
Vetiveria nigritana in Senegal (7 kb 3/11/01) Senegal
SITES DE DEMONSTRATION de Vetiver au Senegal Octobre 2001 (11/3/01 12KB) Sernegal
Research topics of applying Vetiver for carbon sequestration in Taiwan (8/19 20KB) Taiwan
Root extension rate of vetiver under different temperature treatments (Taiwan) (20kb 8/22/01) Taiwan
Vetiver Research in Taiwan - update(4/30/07) Taiwan
Comparative resistance of mycorrhizal fungi to sewage sludge on Vetiveria zizanioides (Linn.) Nash D. Anusuya (CP5-3) (KB12) Thailand
Development of methods to measure soil loss and runoff in field experiments involving vetiver grass. Samran Sombatpanit and Wichai Suwangerd (CP5-6) (KB28) Thailand
Developmental variation of four selected vetiver ecotypes. Lily Kaveeta,Ratchanee Sopa, Malee Na Nakorn,Rrungsarid Kaveeta, Weerachai Na Nakorn, and Weenus Charoenrungrat (CP5-14) (KB213) Thailand
DNA polymorphisms generated by single-strand conformational polymorphism and random amplified polymorphic DNA technique are useful tools for Thai vetiver genome analysis. Pattana Srifah, Busarakum Pomthong, Vipa Hongtrakul and Nitsri Sangduen (CP5-10) (KB312) Thailand
Meiosis of vetiver germplasm in Thailand (8/29/05. KB424) Thailand
Microbiology associated with the vetiver plant. Settha Siripin (CP5-4) (KB66) Thailand
Root Characteristics And Root Distribution Studies Of Some Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria zizanioides L, Nash And Vetiveria Nemoralis A. Camus) In Thailand By Using P-3z Tracer Technique Thailand
Rooting characteristics comparison of Vetiveria nigratana and Vetiveria zizanioides (KB 384 8/23/01) Thailand
Studies on Development of Vetiver Root System in the Rejuvenation Period After Transplanting: A Fertilizer Experiment Thailand
Study on efficient regeneration system and agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Vetiveria zizanioides Thailand
Evaluation of Vetiver Grass Root Growth,Oil Distribution, and Repellancy Against Formosan Subterranean Termites (970 KB 03/20/06) USA
Rusle Formula-- Calibration Of -- With Vetiver Grass As Life Sediment Filter In The Hills Of Puerto Rico. USA
Root growth comparison between V. zizaniodes and V. nemoralis in Vietnam (02/04/04 MB 1.2 ) Vietnam



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