Stabilization of Railroad Embankment with Vetiver Grass in South China (75KB 10/7/01) China
Vetiver System for Gully Control - Photo Album (with Captions) Global
Vetiver System for Land Rehabilitation - Photo album (with captions) Global
Vetiver System for Land Rehabilitation - Photo essayGlobal Global
Vetiver System for Land Slide Stabilization- Photo Album (with Captions) Global
Application of Vetiver on the Sodic/Saline "Desert" of Vietnam (12/20/05 KB409) Vietnam
Coastal Dune Stabilisation - A Vietnamamese Experience (950 KB 03/19/06) power point Vietnam
Coastal Dune Stabilisation in Central Vietnam (KB811.8 -10/26/03) Vietnam
Coastal Dune Stabilization in Central Vietnam (11/17/02 - 1MB) Vietnam
Introduction of Vetiver to Centarl Vietnam for Coastal sand dune stabilization (KB90 3/31/03) Vietnam



TVNI Mission
The Vetiver Network International (TVNI) promotes the worldwide use of the Vetiver System (VS) for a sustainable environment particularly in relation to land and water.

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For Vetiver users in Kenya: join the Platform for Land Use Sustainability (PLUS-Kenya). See details on VS applications,
and other innovations for sustainable Land and Water Resource Management.

For Californians who need to stabilize slopes, Go to this picture gallery link and a special California related flyer.

USA users - go to this Plant Guide about Vetiver (Sunshine cultivar), published by USDA/NRCS - and be assured of its approval.

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Compare Vetiver System for on farm soil and water conservation with engineered structures.

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