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#1 2019-01-22 02:56:05


The Benefits of using NATURAL FARMING in combination with VETIVER

How are all of you today.

My name is Ronald Wederfoort, and i am from the Island called Curacao. I have been
learning many new ways that Nature wants us to know how it keeps everything
in Balance, and these things are not being told to Humanity..

But now that the Energies are Awakening every one to find out that what we have
been told is not the Truth, I have been reading the book called:

The one-straw Revolution from Masanobu Fukuoka
An introduction to Natural Farming.

These techniques have changed my way of doing Agriculture meaning using no Tilling,
no chemicals, and pesticides.

But the key is will the Agriculture change their old ways?

Anyway i have been doing some work with this new Plant which is also
a family of the Vetiver groups. But I have been going into Nature, and
I have been con acting with Mother Nature, and i have been getting
the knowledge of some of the many benefits of this VETIVER we have
here in the islands in this dam.

Its not the same as the other Vetiver, and the things that i have experienced
i cannot believe it, but its up to each one of us, to do our own investigation.

It Increase the growth of the Plants, what i have experienced with the growth
of the Plants around it are increadable, think about if everyone will use this
plant and increase their food production by 500 % or more, what will happen?

But anyway i can be contacted if anyone is interested in samples.

Thank you and have a blessed day.

Love and light

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email: Curacaovetiversolutions(@)


#2 2019-02-08 21:55:00


Re: The Benefits of using NATURAL FARMING in combination with VETIVER

Very interesting. Can you describe this new plant, or have it identified by an agronomist. Please post a photo of it in its mature stage.



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