Vetiver System: Theory and Practice
New Publication By China Vetiver Network

Edited by Liyu Xu and Hanping Xia the new book titled “Vetiver System: Theory and Practice” was published by China Radio and Television Publishing House in Chinese in January 2008. The book was a summary of research and applications of the past 20 years, aiming at to review past experiences, exchange ideas, and speed up further research, application, and extension among China and between China and the world.

There are alltogether 37 articles in the book with over 400,000 Chinese characters. Most of the articles were written by Chinese scientists. However, some foreign paper appeared in ICV-3 were also translated and included in the book in order to introduce some experiences which are fresh to Chinese readers. Specifically the book includes 4 parts. They are...

  1. Review articles on vetiver system and its development in China and in the world;
  2. Characteristics of vetiver and basic research;
  3. Function of vetiver on water conservation/slope stabilization, and environmental remediation;
  4. Process of vetiver leaves and other uses of vetiver grass.

Many topics were included, such as:

-- Comparison on Vetiver and other plants of salt tolerance;
-- Tissue cultivation;
-- Insects on vetiver hedges;
-- Comparison of different vetiver eco-types;
-- Establishment and management of vetiver nurseries;
-- Native vetiver and its classification and protection;
-- Suitable application area in China;
-- Effect on environmental effects on vetiver cultivated from seeds;
-- Effects of Grasses of Vetiveria and Pennisetum on Trophic Groups of Soil Nematodes;
-- Effect of draught on different vetiver eco-types;
-- Effect of cold tolerance of different vetiver eco-types;
-- The present situation of vetiver for highway protection, its effect and key technology;
-- Vetiver for national highway No. 312 protection;
-- Vetiver for riverbank protection in Jiangsu Province;
-- Specification of vetiver for highway protection in karst area of Guizhou Province;
-- Vetiver and micro-organ for eutrophication water treatment in Dianchi Lake of Kunming.

The book has 240 pages, with China Vetiver Network logo on its cover, and The Vetiver Network (International) logo on its back cover.

Vetiver Systems: Theory and Practice book cover.


Published March 10, 2008